Our Rum Collection

Chocolate Rum

Rum & Chocolate - The Pinnacle of Deliciousness

 After years of searching we finally found the best cacao beans specially grown and roasted on a small farm in Central America, producing an unbelievably rich flavor and aroma. We add fresh vanilla beans from Madagascar and allow our superb Montana White Rum to extract the flavors nature provided. No artificial anything; just natural goodness.

Subtle notes of butterscotch, sweet molasses, vanilla, raisins and citrus, paired with rich dark chocolate. A natural taste sensation fit for paradise.

We have worked very hard to produce this rum and are very excited to share it with you.   

Double Barrel Rum

Double Barrel Rum

Aged In two barrels for exceptional smoothness this rum is a tribute to the Lewis and Clark expedition, which in July 1805 passed through Stonehouse Distillery's property. The expedition carried a great deal of rum that was served to the enlisted men at the end of a strenuous day. Our Double Barrel Rum is first aged in new, charred American white oak barrels and then finished in previously used  bourbon barrels. This unique approach adds subtle bourbon notes to a bold and rich amber rum worthy of being enjoyed along the Lewis and Clark Trail (or slightly off the trail). 

Coconut Rum

It's the closest you can get to the islands without leaving Montana.

This exceptional rum is sourced from the finest molasses,
slowly distilled in our traditional copper pot still,
matured in once-used bourbon barrels, and ultimately infused with toasted organic Coconut and the finest Vanilla Beans.
We chose to combine the very best ingredients nature has to offer because, well, that’s how we do things.
No artificial essences or additives; just honest goodness created for those who appreciate nature’s authentic flavors.